Is the Breathe Conference a church?

No, we are not a church. Our company, Breathe 150 Conference Inc., puts on workshops, symposiums and autism awareness events as an outreach to the community. Our goal and God-led desire is to be a blessing to families. 

Are Sensory Day events just for families with children that have special needs? 

Yes. The goal is for these families to have a sensory sensitive space to enjoy places that typically they can't with their children. However, you can bring other siblings that do not have special needs with you.

Can we take materials back to our church or schools after a conference or have a Breathe Conference in our city?

Yes. We want parents that are ministry leaders to take the teaching materials back to their churches and schools. It is our goal that those who attend will be able to help encourage their private schools, pastors and ministry teams on how to facilitate families with children that have special needs and also how to diversify their classrooms and worship atmosphere as their congregations and schools grow. We are also available for mini-conferences in other states and especially at Christian schools throughout the country. 

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