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Is the Breathe Conference a church?

No, we are not a church. Our company, Breathe 150 Conference Inc., puts on the conference as an outreach to the Christian community. Our goal and God-led desire is to be a blessing to the entire Christian family. Founders Ryan and Tracey Council-Ph.D., know how taxing it can be to serve in ministry and desire to refresh the Christian church community with a fellowship based vacation. With so many conferences around the country individually targeted just for men, women, youth, or leaders, the Breathe Conference is designed to edify the entire "family".

Is this a conference just for families with children that have special needs? 

No. The conference, like any school or workplace in this country, is set-up to be inclusive for families with children that have special needs. Too often in the Christian church, families that have children with special needs feel ostracized and/or overwhelmed when their child cannot sit and be quiet during a sermon or in some cases even worship. The Breathe Conference is designed to let EVERYONE that has breath to praise the Lord. Instead of just telling churches what is wrong with putting families out the sanctuary and into a cry room, (or the hall); we will teach by example with our main sessions always having occupational sensory areas, and freedom of worship during praise and worship sessions. All children (and adults) will be free to move and worship as they are led. (This includes freedom for those who are dancers, mimes, flag, painters, singers, sculptors, etc) . 

*For those that have babies or young children that need a quiet space, we will also have cabana areas with monitors.

How does the family integration work?

All general conference and concert sessions will include creative spaces that incorporates S.T.E.A.M. modalities (science, technology, engineering, arts and math)  so that children and parents can learn Biblical lessons in a fun immersive way. Additionally, there will be  Occupational Sensory areas for families with children who need room to be themselves in worship. Also, during some of the workshops there will be playrooms staffed with licensed therapists and teachers. Occupational sensory items as well as bounce toys will be included in the playroom. The tweens-teens will have a separate area stocked with interactive video games and movies. Parents can rest knowing that their children are entertained and safe across the hall during their workshop sessions.

Do you have any other events besides the conference?

Yes. The conference is partially supported by Breathe 150 Conference Inc.'s fundraisers and outreach events. Please see our events page and/or social media pages on Facebook and Linkedin, for upcoming events.

Can we take materials back to our church after the conference or have a Breathe Conference in our city?

Yes. We want parents that are ministry leaders to take the teaching materials back to their churches. It is our goal that those who attend will be able to help encourage their pastors and ministry teams on how to facilitate families with children that have special needs and also how to diversify their worship atmosphere as their congregations grow. We are also available for mini-conferences in other states and especially at Christian schools throughout the country. 

Is the Breathe Conference just a family conference or can I bring my youth ministry team and/or just send one of my leaders?

The Breathe Conference is a FAMILY conference. The goal of this conference is not to separate a family from one another for another ministry conference. We are catering this for the entire family and are discouraging singles or youth groups from attending without their parents. There are numerous conferences throughout the country that offer those services and events. Our goal is to encourage the whole family for the ultimate worship-vacation. 

*Single parents are more than welcome to attend with their children. 

*Also, all parents will have the opportunity to have some down time while our professional licensed staff watches their children in our kids room. (no extra charge- included in the conference).

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